Battle Green Tennis League Availability

The Availability Form enables each registered member to indicate the ratings of the players he/she prefers to play with and the dates/days of the week each wishes to play. Based on this input, the League schedulers try to schedule matches consistent with these preferences.

The League has six courts available Monday through Thursday, which will accommodate six doubles matches and 24 players. If you choose to play on only one night, or with players of only one rating level, then you will limit your playing opportunities.

Before completing an availability form, you must register with the Town of Lexington's Recreation Department and pay for a Tennis ID Card, either Adult Battle Green or Senior Battle Green. (You must be 60 years of age as of March 6 to qualify for the senior rate.) For more info about registration, please return to the home page and click on the "Registration" tennis ball.

The 2017 Battle Green season will consist of one five-week session and four four-week sessions. Play will begin on Monday, April 17, and extend to Thursday, September 7.

The availability form for Session 5, four weeks of play from Monday, August 14 to Thursday, September 7, is now open to registered members.

Here is the link to the form: Session 5

The deadline for submitting this form is midnight Thursday, August 3.

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